Break The ChainBurning Like Fire
DesireDo What I Like
Do What's Good For MeEscape In Music
Eternally YoursFace To Face
FacesGet Ready For This
Here I GoHypnotised
Info SuperhighwayInvite Me To Trance
Jump For JoyKiss Me Bliss Me
Let The Beat Control Your BodyMagic Friend
Maximum OverdriveMysterious
No LimitNo-one
Nothing Like The RainR.u.o.k.
Rougher Than The AverageSensuality
Shelter For A Rainy DaySpread Your Love
The Magic FriendThe Power Age
The Real ThingThe Twilight Zone
Throw The Groove DownTribal Dance
Tuning Into Something WildTwilight Zone
What's Mine Is MineWhere Are You Now